Why Google need the Trilogy of Algorithm Updates How to Rank Higher Search results

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On October, 2 2012 Google made an announce for rolling Algorithms Updates EMD (exact match domains), then but at the same for Panda 20, right after a week at Friday afternoon Google's senior head of web spam department announced that we are releasing next Penguin webspam fighting Algorithm Penguin 3, it caused quite a stir among several webmasters, SEOs and marketers who fear its potential blow to their business.

  Here the EMD was rolled to reduce the current value of sites having exact match domains with low quality contents that were ranking high putting rich keywords in their URLs.It's good, many says that there's should some thing different for others who have non-exact match domains for their sites to rank high.But it became to much frustrating also for them when they have to face a horrifying crackdown in their daily bases stats. See my lastly updated post to read the why it happens Emd or Panda 20.

Since most of SEOs, Webmasters, Marketers still suffering from the current impact there's an other news rolling out an other Penguin that not a big Penguin Update a minor change in Algorithm for data refresher.

 At the same weeks there's a blog post updated by Google's senior marketing and SEO in which he makes a debate about Google's current Algorithm updates and how you can survive your site to rank higher. The post consists of practical SEO recommendations to use Google levergae Google's new services, Google's asks SEOs and webmasters to conduct most of their data like (keywords selection for upcoming trends)  by using Google Insights and Google trend, removing all unneccessary html/css codes from your site template page and using Google Tag manager tool to putt all codes in a single slick piece of JavaScript code for all (AdWords Remarketing, DoubleClick Floodlight Counter, AdWords Conversion Tracking, DoubleClick 
Floodlight Sale, Google Analytics)
Actually Google concerningly wants most of it's user and SEOs pay some speciall attention towards it's newly updated services to make there search results position according to Webmaster guideline.

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