Google Rolled Out Penguin 3 to Impact 0.3% of Multy Language Search Queries

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On Friday at afternoon  October, 6 2012 a tweet had found that Google's Matt Cut used to announce tha Google is Rolling out it's next Penguin webspam fighting Algorithm Upadte that will impact search queries with multiple languages.Google named the new Panguin as Panguin 3 in front of lastly updated Penguin 1 and Penguin 2 So the next penguin will being Called as Penguin 3 with excepting calling it as 1.1,1.2 etc.

Previously updated Penguins and New Penguin.

Penguin 1 that was released in April 24, 2012 (3.1%)
Penguin 2: May 26, 2012 (less than 0.1%)
Penguin 3: Oct. 5, 2012 (0.3%)

What Google's Matt Cutt about Penguin 3.
 "He said, posted about the Penguin update in a series of tweets. The first said that a Penguin data refresh is on its way and that about 0.3 percent of English-language queries will be “noticeably affected.”

Weather report: Penguin data refresh coming today. 0.3% of English queries noticeably affected. You may check the details here:

Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) October 5, 2012

There is some more discussion that Matt Cutt made to reply: like these that mention the update will also impact a small percentage of queries in other languages such as Spanish, Italian and French.

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