Google Algorithm Updates Practically SEO Recommendations to Survive your Website

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Matt Cutt's announcement for another algorithm update,  a stir among  webmasters, SEOs and marketers who fear its potential blow to their business. A recent video reporting update has been launched by Google's senior online marketing coach and SEO that debates concernedly to flow SEOs attentions for some practical recommendations that will enable websites to remain relevant and highly visible amidst the newest changes from the leading search engine.

A number of sites getting slapped and have been affected by Google’s recently updated Search Algorithm that directly impact the such like websites with low-quality content, but the Algorithm that was rolled out on last Friday October, 2 2012  , mainly to target this time the sites having exact match domains, was among the newest of the many changes launched by the leading search engine’s anti-spam team. Exact match domains are sites that strongly depend on the keyphrases on their domain names for ranking.

 Here the suggestions holding about "Google's Algorithm and survival" Shramko said it is too much true that changes may be complicated but are manageable.More he Says.
“My advice continues to be: build a brand, make sure that your brand is the hero, and stop trying to manipulate Google results. Just give them what they want,” he underlines. As an added measure for stronger brand management, Schramko provides a link to the newly redesigned merge of Google Insights and Google Trends, recognised as two of the most useful tools for getting ranked well.
 Practically SEO Recommendations to rank well.

1.Analysing and search for new keywords to choose keyphrases, create more blog posts, and making these phrases and posts rank well over the competition through highly specialised SEO approaches,
feel some danger to avoid over-optimising your homepages creates deeper pages rather than homepages, especially for older websites. “Ensure that those deeper pages are content rich and then start to link to those so that you can build up the mass of your website.

2.A few days ago Google published a blog to confirm merging Google Insights for Search into Google Trends especially Google recommends you to conduct most of your data like to keep up with trending interests online, and a range of journalists, businesses and researchers around the world using Insights for Search to compare the popularity of search terms over time and across regions.And other one of big using twitter Tags includes in search index results, that make your all tweets more searchable, and creates an opportunity to utilise Twitter tags in your marketing campaigns by using Google's new Google Tag Manager Tool to set a single tagging code to analyse audience flow and behaviour.

3.Using AdWords new Geo targeting tool to setting up your Ads campaigns for your business or brand because Google’s more relevant, localised search can now affect ranking results since it may be biased to the user’s location. Google that recomendedly turn off it's products and applications to make it's search results more accurate, first and using a proxy server when checking site rankings. 


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