Google: AdWords Interaction with Google Analytics data to make a better Decision

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Google is being practicely involved in making a new development to improve it's user's experience particularly using Google's services. Now Google make it practically possible to use Google Analytics with Google AdWords interaction by setting up Adwords as "See Google Analytics data within your AdWords account"Google preferrencesly asks users to import their Google analytics data into their Adwords account in case of having access to key metrics like Bounce rate, Pages Per Visit, and Average Visit Duration directly in the AdWords interface.With more performance data available right where you’re managing your campaigns, you can make better informed decisions and improve your AdWords ROI.

Google Analytics data in Adwords, User's Engagement and Ads IdentificationObviously you know well that Google Analytics helps users to learn about visitor's access to page, behavior of audience and how you can get them back on their way.In front of all this Google wants give an advntage to it's users through new Google Analytics data available in AdWords to improve your results.Some main features are..

Sort Ads Groups to Attract more Engaged users.You can obviously by using AdWords with Google Analytics sort your Ads group to clearly understand the ones that deliver visitors who stay on your site the longest (“Average Visit Duration” or “Pages Per Visit”), and bid more for these.
 Leverage data to convert more engaged users into costumers.Leverage your low conversion rate ads
but with more engagement metrics that will surely convert more engaged visitors into might be able to improve your ROI and your conversion volume. To look for these types of opportunities, create a filter based on conversion rate and sort by Average Visit Duration, Pages per visit, or Bounce Rate.

Ads Correction for Exact Targetting ( Bounce Rate Reduction). Significantly low bids value or a bad ad campaign indicates a poor landing page for a particular ad or keyword. In Adwords account combining Analytics data you can set up a filter to filterate the low conversion rate and low engagement rate for regularly monitor it. Leveraging Google Analytics, you can easily set up A/B testing on the landing page using a Content Experiment.

Having easier access to Google Analytics data right in AdWords has helped Torge Kahl, Online Marketing Manager, at Casamundo make better decisions and make optimizations more quickly. According to Torge: 
“The combination of using both Google AdWords and Google Analytics has proved to be the perfect set of tools for us to achieve our goals, and we're very happy to see this combination get more integrated and powerful. Using Analytics data right within AdWords has let me better optimize our account and significantly improve the return on our AdWords investment."

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