Google Tag Manager A new Google Tool To Enhance Site's Speed & Performance

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All the things that we need in spotlight of analysing our requirements related to our professionally designed  a web page are to check for Google Analytics. AdWords Conversions. DoubleClick Floodlight Counters. A/B Testing. Custom Image Tags. Remarketing. So for this there's just like a new Google Tool to Enhance your site's speed & performance. 

  The purpose is to track the current behaviour niche audience and comapre it with previous statical reports to simply improve the search experience that  we provide to our costumers.There for in front of this we add a lot of html/css codes our websites.Sometimes all those tags get quite overwhelming. On top of it all, Google tells us the speed in which our page loads is quite important, so we shouldn't add lots of extraneous JavaScript code to our pages. What's a webmaster to do and how it helps us to maintain out page speed better?
  Google Tag Manager, a new tool recently launched by Google to organise all your tags into one place in shape of a single slick piece of JavaScript code.

Google Tag Manager offeres webmasters to put their all tags like (AdWords Remarketing, DoubleClick Floodlight Counter, AdWords Conversion Tracking, DoubleClick 
Floodlight Sale, Google Analytics)  in one location. You define on which page or pages a particular tag should appear and the magic of Google does the rest that particularly useful if you manage more than one site that each use multiple tags.

Google Tag Manager Tool's working and procedure.Just you need go Google Tag manager tool page and signup for a new account like your other Google accounts Adword, Analytics.I Google Tag manager tool you just have create different tags in each of those Google products. Instead of pasting the generated code directly into your website, so except of you just need to paste the code into Tag Manager tool container.After pasting your codes into it you will need to add rules for how the tags works on your site. The only tag code you need to copy to your site is the code that requests all the tags from Google Tag Manager.
Enhance Site's speed and working

 So when your visitors come to your page, the Tag Manager code contacts Google's servers, it will  downloads the Tag Manager script a file namely as gtm.js and the current file gtm.js used for manager container has a cache time 15 minutes.So the only initial request is made for the gtm.js file, no additional requests will be made. It will load while other elements of your page continue to load with no waiting. Once the GTM script has been downloaded, it will render and fire off all the pixels and code needed to track the services you set up.

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    3 October 2012 at 04:16

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    3 October 2012 at 04:37

    Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future.

  3. Alaska SEO  

    3 October 2012 at 05:23

    The tool is very useful for making change the tags associated with your site. How the bot will recognize the change, whether it will cache the change as soon as we made changes in the tool or we need to work for the bot to cache?

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