Google's New Penguin Data Refresh A Threat to Black SEOs

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At the start of October's first week some unexpected Algorithm changes came to impact search queries, but some SEOs have been dealing with an unexpected horrifying start to the month.Last week Google rolled it's EMD Update, at the same time New Panda 20, today in the morning Google confirmed via Twitter about New Penguin Algorithm Update 3. The new penguin data rounds out as a triplicate of algorithmic updates that also included Panda and Exact Match Domain updates 
Google’s first Penguin Update, basically Google rolled out Penguin to fight against web violators and originally known as the Web Link Spam Algorithm Update, was first released in April 2011 to impact 3.1%  of English queries. proposingly Penguin to get rid of link profiles found for relying on heavily sculpted exact match anchor text (Using same keyword over 60% of total like the keyphrase such like"make money" as an anchor text) and comment spam, among other tactics, to artificially inflate search rankings.Google’s stated about new Penguin Update, the current Penguin is being rolling out to impact multiple language search queries. Here’s what Cutts reported the impact will be on the following languages:
  • 0.3% of English queries will be noticeably affected.
  • ~0.4% of Spanish queries.
  • 0.4% of French queries.
  • ~0.3% of Italian queries.
This is the second Penguin data refresh, Matt Cutts said that update is not an actual change to the Penguin algorithm, but a data refresh, meaning data was refreshed within the existing algorithm. The first Penguin data refresh occurred in May at an weekend, that effects less than 0.1 percent of English searches, so today’s update is slightly larger than the first.

Why did Google announce this late on a Friday and no doubt wreck the weekends of many an SEO already reeling from two significant updates? “The data was ready to push, so we pushed it,” according to a separate Cutts tweet.Here see my previously updated post previous Algo's search impact..

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