Google Adword's Credit Card for small or medium Businesses to Award them with Extra Credit

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Today on October, 9 2012 Google is being added a new feature to Google AdWords "Now there’s credit just for AdWords" especially for small or medium bussiness owners to pay for their AdWords campaigns and track their spending by reciveng monthly Adwords Credit Card statment.

Google invites small or medium bussiness owners to come and apply for a AdWords Business Credit in the UK to run their AdWords ad campaigns with more consistently that makes your spending expendiures more flexible to promote your primary brand with monthly report to analyse spendings.

What You will get.

In the UK, AdWords Business Credit will have a variable 11.9% APR Representative.   In the US, AdWords Business Credit will offer an APR as low as 8.99%*, the same rate as in the pilot. Neither card will have annual fees, and they will both have an ample credit limit for AdWords.
We’re teaming up with Barclaycard, part of the Barclays group, in the UK and Comenity Capital Bank in the US to issue the card. Both are MasterCard cards.
AdWords Business Credit can only be used for AdWords advertising purchases.
FAQs about Google AdWords Credit Card

1.How To Use AdWords Bussiness Credit Cards.Interacts both AdWords Business Credit to your AdWords account as a MasterCard credit card to make it your primary form of payment or backup credit card. Also you can use a single adword credit card for your more than one Awords accounts.

2.Who can apply. You can apply only after recieving an invitation email consisting of a personal application ID.

3.Whrere You can use it. You can use your Adwords credit on only with your with your AdWords account and expecting this the card will be terminated by Google.

4.What Credit Card Limit. After approvel you will recieve at your home a package containing credit card, legal agreement and detail about your card limit.


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