Google's Ranking Metrics or SEO Author Ranking to Boost your SEO

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Controversingly talking about Enhancing Author Rank To Boost SEO in a forum thread discussion a forum member Lalit Kumar said that:
Boosting author rank is sureshot strategy to make sites rank higher; we have seen this recently due to google downplaying link building techniques
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  If you want to rank higher your website then you must need to boost your author ranking in front of Google's recently updated  Algorithms EMD (Exact Match Domains, Panda to Panda 20 and Penguin 3) to rank down the sites with different critical issues, So he said that what we are currently doing to rank better our sites while working with the following features to start our SEO campaigns to do our best, but is their any thing out of offencive excepting to all these ranking factors to better leverage SEO for our sites..
1) google plus
2) FB likes
3) RSS feeds distribution
4) Guest Blogging with links to original article
5) Tweet/Retweets
6) Collation of all archive articles to one particular author
7) Bookmarking
8) ...Your pointer 

In replies an other forum member:
Collation of all archive articles to one particular author
Means it is too much better to prioritisingly compare your site Article to an other Author and to look for that how much effectively they are busy in caring about creating more impact able articles for SERPs visibility. If you are willing to hire an author for your articles then almost your almost ranking depends upon your hired author's sense of humour.
More depth in disscusion the Article Collation is pointed as:
 If  you are taking Articles collation that's not mean you are spamming and will not be cuaght for doing as purely black hat technique because these articles are unique, inforich and most importantly created by our copywriters. The only difference being previously it was attributed to others now it will be assigned to some. So in a way ghost writers are now showing their faces. This is an act to google's demand. 

What Google's Prorities for People suggestions or Social Ranking and Signals. It quite seems like opposite to say Google does't rank you due to your social signals like Facebook likes or Tweets, in other words you may say that Google can't ignor them or people suggestios for links either they are like or not like tweet or not tweet.Although social media does't directly impact your seach ranking for betterness but it quite not less than an evidence for assessing the value of contents for search engines to take you on a better place in SERPs. Here personally Google does't ever needed for Google+1 profile Authorship if only Google have to Contentment on the metrial of your article with out any specification like when people share your contents on Facebook or on Twitter. where as all they are instinctly bringing new developments to their social platforms.Just look at % of ranking factors.

author rank to boost seo

Social is such a strong correlation towards search rankings – as the factors above show – and when assessing the value of content, Google cannot ignore this. User online sharing habits have evolved in the way that people will now share content via social more often than they will link to it or blog about it.

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