How Google Rank Web pages using what user metrics

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Here the thing that concerns for online webpage optimisers to think "what metrics are being used by Google search engine to rank web pages." There is an assumption which makes a sense and creates some questionsAssuming Google is being truthful when they say they don't use Analytics data to rank web pages.

--What data could they be using to gather user metrics? Adsense? Chrome? Cookies from the Google search page to see how long searchers stay on a SERP before clicking back? --Exactly what metrics could they be gathering from their sources, and which metrics would they not be able to access? --Once they gather these metrics, how are they interpreting them? For example, can they tell the difference between a bounce that happens because a visitor got all they wanted from a site and a bounce that happens because the searcher didn't like the page?
A forum discusion points out being debated on several issues like not conducting user chrome instead of using click-stream data that some ISP or other sells them or they could be using DoubleClick cookies somehow.

But it just seems like a question or guess by experts about the current strategy that Google implies on ranking the web pages.More over on even the Panda question for those impactedd by Panda, a Q&A debate between Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts mentioned when Panda first launched.
Inspiringly Google makes it's Algorithms updated time to time, so the smaller sites with low quality or non branding or the sites haviving a poor link graph, a high bounce rate with low interaction and *gulp* too many affiliate links likely hurt a small site to a larger degree than a more established and well known sites affected by Panda that Panda produces a site rating that ranges from -100% to +100% which is calculated based on the user metrics of your site compared to others in your niche. 
I think here the "quality matters for promoting or demoting a site." So if Panda or a main algo directly interacted to a site ranking then all above Google service are just like some developing tools that only used indirectly by Google to collect page investigation for their record that tells them Exit Rate, Pageviews, probably time on page as a minimum.

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