Bing Landing Page by Match Type Assign Unique Destination Urls to bidded keyword match types

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Bing Ads Editor is a paid search campaigns management software to improve the performance of marketing adevertisment in both case weather you are online or offline, easy to use as an intuitive and simple desktop application, downloadable directly to your desktop.It helps advertisers by sending the live performance alerts, keyword reaserch, new online data awareness.Work offline, save your time and energy, create your ad campaigns and then publish with one click.
     Bing addictedly spending it's efforts to make both Bing Ads Editor and user interface (UI) more enhancing with more advertiser's ads abilities and opportunities.Bing now allow advertiser to assign  their unique destination URL for each of their bidded keyword match types within the same ad group. Now you can with Landing Page by Match Type, you'll be able to do both within Bing Ads Editor and our user interface (UI). You can even assign unique parameters for each bidded keyword match type.
     The current new Bing feature will be accessible to all Bing advertisers with in next upcoming few days. Bing will specificly informed when it will be enabled for Advertisers account. More on public response Bing wanted to call out some important notes.

  • Enablement of Landing Page by Match Type for your account may take up to 12 hours. While your ads will continue to serve during this time, the Campaigns tab will not be functional or accessible.
  • Make sure you are using Bing Ads Editor version 8.3 or newer. Earlier versions of the tool (formerly referred to as adCenter Desktop), versions 8.2 and older, will not support Keyword by Match Type.
  • Under this new functionality content match will only show up if you have a keyword level content match bid or if your ad group is running only on the content network. Previously, content match was displayed along with exact, phrase and broad match if you had ad groups running on our search and content network.
  • Recommendedly Bing asked to users to use this new feature Landing Page by Match Type once to enable for account.

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