Bing It On Challenge 33% Google's Primary users use more bing after Bing It On

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Bing launched its own Bing It On campaign in 2012 in order to monitringly comparing the Binb and Google's organic search results and Bing make a statement about it as...

But now after taking an independent survey including 4700 survey takers,Bing is touting how it’s changing the attitudes of many testers:
We asked for people’s impressions of Bing before taking the Challenge and then after they completed it. What we found was 64% of people were surprised by the quality of Bing’s web search results. Over half of the people surveyed indicated their impression of Bing improved after seeing Bing’s web search results next to Google’s. Additionally, of people who identified Google as their primary search engine, 33% said they would use Bing more often after taking the Challenge and 17% who found Bing more favorable after taking the side-by-side comparison said it revealed flaws in Google’s results.
After the Bing's above statement for it's survey takers, 64 % of survey takers stated as they found surprisingly bing search result's quality, but her a predictable question is "will Bing It On challenge can actually lead to a big improvement for Bing’s U.S. market share.But here Discreditable issue for bing is Survey takers are often guilty of saying one thing — i.e., “I’ll use Bing more often” — and doing another.
In front off all these aspects today Bing accepts as it is too much difficult the search habits are hard to break. Even though Bing’s market share is at an all-time high right now, it has a long way to go to catch Google.


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