Google Update Mobile App Analytics with some Exciting Updates

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According to a recent research report to measure the mobile marketplace influence, more than 80 percent of marketers are planning to increase emphasis in mobile initiatives in 2013 and much of the growing adoption and innovation in the industry is driven by mobile apps. Due to this Google updated it's Mobile App Analytics Updates with some exciting updates that was being introduced in July 2012 to help marketers and developers better measure their mobile apps.
The following are the new ones to Google Analytics Mobile App Analytics public beta.

A New Sign UP to set up your Mobile Apps Analytics Account. To make it easy for GA users, Google added a New Sign up set up with just 3 clicks to create a new mobile apps analytics account ,download the SDK, and be well on the way to tracking key metrics and finding valuable insights using our features.

More Powerful and Lightweight SDK. There are new Android and iOS SDKs who are more powerful, lightweight and to implement and The majority of the mobile app reports are available out of the box after less than 5 minutes of work implementing our new SDK.

New App Version Report. A report that will tell you about users flow for latest mobile apps, cannibalization effect among my multiple versions,how users reaction for an early version of apps.

Create Custom Dimensions. You can create your own like..

  • You can create your own dimensions by which to segment your hits in every standard or custom GA report.
  • Leverage your own business and customer data as custom dimension values to enable new possibilities for analysis and reporting.
  • Naming and scoping of Custom Dimensions can be configured through the administration UI - no retagging needed!
To learn more you can read the full story at Google's Analytics Official Blog.


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