Unnatural Linking Will Using Google Disavow Link Tools Perfect for Website

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Google's Disavow tools mattered with your site's Unnatural Linking issues and getting a notification from Google's spam team rather than if you don't then doesn't need to be worried.
    But at a forum discussion some one wants some more clarification about using the Google Disavow link tool, the discussion is such like this..

In front of all this the first thing that is too much to be understandable is what Google's priorities for webmasters to use this feature.
Matt Cutts said repeatedly at PubCon, you should try not to use it, don't use it, really. Why? One example he said is do not disavow internal links - it can hurt. Right, Google is just using this as a "hint" or "signal" now, like they did with the rel=canonical when that launched, but this will be a powerful signal within 6 months - so be careful if you have to use it.     
The tool is currently amazing for only links pointed from other sites to your own but with 100% surety of bad quality, not for internal linking to use. More on in a recent video description Matt Cutts said that every site is going to get a variety of links of different qualities. Even if you have never bought/solicited/submitted for a link, your site will get crappy links from scraper sites. 
It can't just be one link. See Below

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