Bing Added Sitelink Extensions in Bing Ads Centre PPC Campaigns

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Bing team progressively busy in making Bing Ads centre more comprehensive in order to rebrand its advertising ways for Bing advertisers.Recently Bing added Sitelink Extensions to while creating an Ad campaign in Bing Ads centre with direct links to the most relevant pages on your site that visitors can reach directly at your site's destination page, as now Bing allows advertisers to link searchers directly to specific pages of their website. The ad extensions will appear for paid search ads on both Bing and Yahoo.
Bing ad campaign and advertising

Your all Sitelinks extensions will be available to you at your first campaign-level only, and apply to all ads within the campaign. Like Google Bing also offers Advertisers prepare their Ads campaigns by adding up to 10 Sitelinks per campaign. Here the most interesting feature is to gradually enter your all Sitelinks that should be entered in the order they are to appear to customers. Sitelink extensions are subject to the same editorial review as ads and are currently available in the U.S. only.

How to Prepare Ads with Sitelinks. You may check a video tutorial to prepare your ads in Bing Ads centre with Sitelinks that Bing has published for advertisers guidance.

  • Go to the Campaigns page in the Bing Ads interface.
  • Click the Ad Extensions sub-tab.
  • Click Add an Extension > Sitelinks Extensions
  • Add titles and link destination URLs.
  • Save.

After the ad completion with Sitelinks, advertisers can get the information about their site's performance data including spend, number of clicks, impressions, CTRs, and average CPC or CPM

According to Bing Sitelinks are..
-    Drive deeper engagement with your potential customers by allowing them to connect directly with relevant and important portions of your site.-    Allow you to create and update additional messaging and information to without modifying your text ads or keywords.-    Be available on both Yahoo! and Bing search pages
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