Bing Advanced search query operators - filetype: & ext: Turn Search Results to Relevancy

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While using Bing to make search for what you need Bing now offer to it's users to more refine their search queries to match more search results by using Bing's Advanced query operators - filetype: & ext, that look same but not due to a little difference.

Commonly used operator filetype: Enables you to search for doc file including html, txt, and pdf, as well as the primary Office document types: doc, rtf, xls, and ppt for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
As most commonly the official documents are hold these type of file formates e.g 1040 filetype:pdf for the official IRS 1040 for US Taxes.There for using filetype is crucially a relaxed and useful feature to reach for exact results.

 ext sort out URLs  with specific format. It helps you in finding the webpages of the specified file name extension only especially ending the Urls in specific formates like template ext:docx will filter search results to URLs having extension .docx, one of the new Microsoft Office Open XML formats introduced with Microsoft Office 2007.

Both these are two separate Bing search operators as filetype depends upon Bing's classification of contents associated with Urls and covers the high level type, not individual version. In other words, filetype: DOC, DOCX and WORD will all result in the same thing (filtering to MSDOC documents.) and ext matters with Urls file extensions.

Using both Bing search operator filetype and ext makes you to able for more refining the search results according to your need. For example the following query template filetype:doc ext:docx combines filteype and extand will filter search results to Microsoft Word documents having the docx Office Open XML formats.

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