B2B Link Building strategies to craete Backlinks for B2B sites

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Link building or links from other sites pointing to your own site is an image/brand base way to improve your search engine visibility but in some cases search engines prohibit you to avoid building some odd types of links like purchasing or participating in bad link schemes or encourage product evaluations and offer a reciprocal link, with respect to search algorithms update Pengiun 1, Penguin 2 or Penguin 3.

     Ofenly people do the most common link Building procedures like Spreading the your Press Release to PR sites, Blog Commenting, Forum Activities, participate in conversations or at least have someone of a more tech background participating. So the question is what's the strategy to have good types of links for your especially B2B websites and is there any thing more to do for it.So I think you need to look at some following suggestions.

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Requesting Backlinks. In case of having a request form for link partners on your site.Sure you will get some junk link requests. If you want to improve your chances greater, create relevant link categories on your link partners page to target low hanging fruit in the market segments where you want to get links from. If you decide to use linking software to take the sting out of managing who has requested links with who, publishing, etc, make sure it's editor-based.

Avoid from Link back with Resellers. May they hit by search engines and getting in trouble of down ranking for relevant search terms and it is good to avoid from interfere with their traffic if they're selling our product.. You might linking with them but who are they, resellers and other friendly sites ranking for relevant phrases, anywhere from bottom five to the next few pages is a good thing.
    Usually Link building strategies for B2B sites and for other sites are same, So Once you've identified who your buyers are the next step is to identify where they hang out online. The link building follows out from there, that's the open door out of the box. 

Links with Anchor Text. If you are already linked to some resellers but with their domain name as the anchor text, I think you does't need to be worried more still whether you have purchased thousands of links or are participating in a service that promised high volumes of links in a short period of time, you won't be anywhere close to having problems related to recent updates. Natural volume reciprocals even as domain as anchor text is normal, nothing to worry about.More on if you try to submit your articles on other sites for getting one way links, surely it will be genuine for in case of specifically promoting your products.To learn more about read Penguin for Anchor Text. For more discussion you may visit the forum.

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