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Link.A web connection resources from one end to another end (from sources to destination) called link.
Anchor Text.A best SEO TERM to retrieve the behavior source link on an other web destination place or a best SEO Solution for effective outbound linking strategies.Anchor Text a simple but Technical factor to do  best SEO Practice to increase page relevancy and page authority in eyes of both search engines and visitors.Anchor Text is a visible highlighted text of a hyperlink which is clickable for any page that looks like this e.g

        <a href=””>Seo Grinepk</a>

In above HTML sentence Seo GrinePk is used as an Anchor Text with a specific nomination for a good source of information that placed on other sites but also used for internal linking to demonstrate the behavior of page for search engine bots and visitors.

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Google Penguin's Preferences for Anchor Text.Google make a series of continues changes in its Search algorithms to make its search results more relevant to search queries that are being typed in Google search box.There for effective use of Anchor Text have a high ranking impact for your SEO and SERPs.

In the past a common mistake that was done SEOs is the use one sided anchor text (Same Anchor Text like Click Here for adobe photo shop site) and getting penalized by Google Updates Panda and Penguin.It is good to have more and more Anchor Text links from relevant web community but the problem is that there is a situation when you have the same for too many or doing an aggressive link building for your site that will getting you in trouble from penguin by saying that "Penguin Hates The Exact Match".Penguin says that you might have a penalty message directly in your webmaster tools if you caught for above than 60% Anchor Text ratio for same keywords like the use of Brand Base Anchor Text in your back link strategies or Anchor Text over optimization called by search engines. 

What Penguin Says for Anchor Text and SEOs's Opinions. After the role out of penguin Seo has entirely changed for SEOs.In the past exact match Anchor Text had considered an essential Seo tactics to rank higher in SERPs for specific keyword but now  penguin says that if you are using exact match anchor text while crossing over 60% in links pointed to your site from other sites then your will be conducting for over optimization.Search engine experts and SEOs deliver their statements about the effective use Anchor Text after Google Penguin Update.

    They say that it is quiet consciously a good thing for each one to use the Varied Anchor Text for internal and external linking strategies with different but less competitive long tail or short keywords e.g if your an online dealer of selling brand new and old cars then Anchor Text could be

latest prices for brand new cars
make deal for new cars 
Buy old cars
old car prices 

  Here the problem is why you not use descriptive and relevant keywords instead of using a single but unrelevant word like click here or read more which have not any type of impression for search engines bots but at least for users.In varied Anchor Text if there are placed eye catching keywords but don't repeat the same for several outbound link resoursec in case of exceeding from 60%  for example if your Anchor Text look like this

<a href=””>Best car deals for 2012</a>
users can have much awareness about page relevancy and it will become a search query for the page when some one will type best car deal for 2012 there are 80% chances for Google #1 page position.

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% Percentage for Varied Anchor Text.There are three most common types for Anchor Text.

Brand Base Anchor Text. Your company name like SEO GrinePK 

   <a href=””>Seo Grinepk</a>

Less than 60 to 65%

Key Pharse,Key Words. Use of less competitive long tail or short Keywords e.g.

   <a href=””>Seo Tips</a>
   <a href=””>Learn about best SEO practices to rank higer</a>

Less than 25 to 30%

General words.Use of click here, read more, check details, find here etc 

Less than 7%


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