An Ultimate Guide SEO's make their Sites Penguin Safe

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Now a days the fully frustrated and frequently asked question by many is about Google Penguin's link warnings for unnatural, spammy links or any other type of violated links pointed to a specific site from to many low quality sites or from bad link schemes.Earlier this year Google send warnings to many publishers about their "Artificial or unnatural" links so in front of all these issues people are badly puzzled to take any decision for their back link strategies, Some of them decide to getting rid them from their webmaster link lists, all this much afflicts people and force them to think about that "What types of links should point to their sites"
  But here the more thinkable matter is by taking a radical action only means one does not have expertise to do penguin's savvy inventory their site and is not a hope action to demolish these types of links.Do some attention on following steps to understand more for your site's protection against Google's afflicted link warnings...

1.Monitor, Analyze to Assess the latest Damages.
  • Simply you ever need to look at significant drops across multiple keywords through out different graphical analytics like rank tracker.
  • Recently updated systems and methods to analyze  user's web history, search results, graphical display of searches ( Google personalization)
 2. Strictly Optimize your Webpages Penguin Proof.
  • Limits keywords density under Penguin's preferences by avoiding the over use of your keyword.
  • Before bringing something new to your page first set your highly ranked competitor's SEO life as a parameter. 
3.Eradicate all duplicate contents from your page.
  • Needs to analyze your all site titles and descriptions for holding a different keywords for uniqueness.
  • Wise use of robot.txt to block all your duplicate pages.

4.Make a Penguin safe internal linking structure.
  • Internal linking structure should look natural to both search engine and visitors.
  • Avoid from stuffing your internal link anchors with rich keywords.
5.Create/Update your xml Site Map.
  • After doing any change for your page (Site design, Site structure or removal of contents) always make your XML Site map updated.
6.Sort off all Penguin Penalty Backlinks
  • Do a quick back link audit to analyze back links from a single domain that could be unfurl a flag
  • Links from same IP adress. 
7.Spoor the links from Low quality content domains
  • Links from low quality content domains also causes Penguin Link Warning.
  • Link quality links pointed to a domain may be a bad neighbor.
8.Keep Anchor Text naturally Optimized.
  • Penguin says there could be a direct penalty message  for over riding the Anchor Text ratio from 60 to 65% in case using Key words.
  • Use Anchor Text term including your Brand name + keywords less than 60%.
  • Also include the anchor text based on general words like  click here.
9.Internal linking Anchor decrease the negative impact for your page.
  • Effective use of Anchor Text in internal linking using your most common keywords but with different ratio can decrease your the negative impact for your page especially in front of Google Penguin Penalty.
  • It is better to remove the site wide links using the violated Anchor Text. 
10.Trending Backlink Evaluations for your Link Profiles.
  • It is good to have both Dofollow and Nofollow links from all rankings 0 to 10.
  • Creates Back links from different platforms Blogs sites,News sites, Q&A sites.
  • Links from different content sharing sites like YouTube, metacafe, Flicker.
  • Bookmark your pages on social book marking sites.
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