Upcoming Google Panda Refresh is Rolling out to Expect Some Flux

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A recent Google Tweet has found out via twitter for Google's new announcement  for refresh upcoming Panda  update named as Panda 3.92 with in next upcoming days.Google says new Panda is being unleashed on Google search results and it will impact 0.7% of search queries.

Google panda update
The mean to launch new Panda Update, Google actually warned site owners to "Expect Some Flux over the next few days.Fewer than 0.7%  of search queries noticeably effected."
In February 2011 Google launched it first Panda update 1.0 and after it the latest panda updates are being placed on further several times to significantly impact search results.Mainly aimed to filter out the search results for betterness by having a very clear justification, Simply in other words you may ask "a significant suggestion to enroll each web page from all over the web world gradually after each Panda update."When ever a new content is published from any page, Google crawlers during their newly published content crawling prossec there must be a significant impact for search queries applicable to lately updated Panda Algorithms.As Google's announcement for upcoming panda update, the current update will impact 7% search queries which is a very small ratio whether according to Google 3billion searches are conducted daily on Google so the new update will impact on 21 million search queries.It is critically notifiable to a little on your analytics around the Panda update dates for change in search ranking or traffic drop to find out the content quality issue.Similarly for Panda attack holders or small to medium webmasters Google's last week updated Algorithm is more like to "improve diversity of domains in SERPs" that all search results show up the pages that belong to a single domain.


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