Google announcing a New Meta Keyword Tag News Publishers Tag their News Articles freely

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A New Meta Keyword Tag News Publishers Tag their News Article.Last in Sep 2009 Google mention some news for Meta Keywords by saying that Google don't implement the meta keywords tag in web ranking and by the same way Bing also have the same strategy but only using Meta Keywords as signal to finding out the spammers.

Today 19 September 2012 there is new Google announcement for new type of Meta Keyword Tag that is quite different from the last deadly meta keyword traditionally using for SEO purposes.But the new meta keywords is only works for to "a newly to hatched way to tag your articles.Simply a great improvement for news publishers while feeling free to creatively making their headlines for their article bodies and not necessarily having same key words in their headlines or body text as in new Meta keyword Tag.Google Says about its newly announcement...

Google announce for news publishers
The Google has already published a helping process to explain that how you can implement the new News Meta keyword that looks something like this

meta name=”news_keywords” content=”World Cup, Brazil 2014, Spain vs Netherlands”
Notifiable that Publishers are limited in using the urls up to ten 10 while using commas to separate each one and more the new meta keyword is not a quick way to rank better in Google News excepting Google will consider it as a signal for highly quality and an interesting news contents.


  1. topoftheburg  

    27 September 2012 at 16:19

    I developed a free WP plugin that will insert this into your sites and is very simple to use. Let me know if you like.

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