Rolling out New Google Algorithm Update to Improve the Diversity of Domains in SERPs

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There's a New Google Algorithm Changes for to have a significant impact on search ranking results ( on SERPs) recently updated this week. To bring and confirm the New Google update is to carrying the queries with results including more than one domains in SERPs that mean to allow more domains to apear in search results.For example if you are experiencing an unbelievable improving traffic stats for last two days then it might be possible it's all due to New Google Algorithm updates.Google's Matt Cut have announced the current feature some like as..

Just fyi, we rolled out a small algo change this week that improves the diversity of search results in terms of different domains returned.

The New Google updates means to improve the diversity of domains in search results. you might ever noticed or it commonly noticed by public that when you do some search in some cases Google's search results are dominated by pages that belong to a single domain.

New Google Update Impacts for Panda Infected Sites and New Comers.The current news especially good for those who have a previous Google Panda Infection for their sites.Now they have a delicious supremacy in case experiencing a huge improvement while getting more 50% search organic traffic from Google search results for the last two days.
Improve Diversity of Domains in SERPs
The new or existing small to medium are also have good New Google Update impact that will play a key role to focus the user's maximum attention for pages that come from the same domain so it will incredibly improve the diversity domains in search results 


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