Analytics Web Traffic 6 Reasons of Sudden Drop Down of Website Traffic

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That time is very mournful for every one (SEOs, Webmasters, Marketers) when a sudden drop down appears in Analytics Web Traffic Graph of website.But more painful and cause of headache matter is "how this happen and why".
    Sudden decrease in website traffic can have several parlous reasons that dropped analytic graph.So the problem that sends your website traffic through te basement is varied in terms scope and fix ability.In my point of view following 6 reasons can be responsible in case of sudden drop down of a website traffic.But first

Confirm your Problem.It is too much necessary to confirm that your site is actually facing a search issue so
go to Google Analytic sign in into your account select traffic source > source >organic and select a date for 6 month rang then if you look circumstances like in fig below then there is some thing serious and maul your site  that needs to quickly take on track.

6 reasons for sudden traffic drop down
1.Removal of Analytics Tracking Code.Due to any sudden change or a critical reason that removes analytic tracking code from your site's HTML/Source page which becomes the cause of break down of tracking link of analytics center.It might be possible that you are unaware from this situation and in actual your site is performing well.You need to solve this problem any analytic checker/debugger like installation of Google analytics or Google analytics debugger.

2.Restructuring your Website with out a Redirect Strategy. In case of very often situations a sudden resigned eliminates your site's all ranking records with out having any redirect strategy for instant.Removing contents or restructuring can also have unintended effects for Web Traffic.In case of mentioning that designed changes to solve this problem through interfacing with a client use Wayback machine. With this also analys your top reputed contents in Google Analytics to find out the content's instant popularity.

3.Spam Hackers can Hack your Website.Internet is full of spammy hackers that creates an individual directory consisting a list of spammy contents but lessly invisible and discovered able with out effecting your  original active pages.In resulting when search engines send their bots and crawlers to these spammy hacked contents placed on your site all analytic graphs typically show drop down line that be a cause of devastating results.
  But in order to resolve these crisis Webmaster Tools (Google and Bing) are really authorized to track all these types of criminalties that are violating your site performance that also exposed spammy contents e.g. meta description through their manual search terminologies.
  An other solution to rescue your site from a hacker's attack is CMS (content marketing system) but CMS system is tricky for inclusion of loading a clean back while changing all its rescue features like ftp, user and data base passwords.

4.Recent Algorithm Updates for search results.Google periodically updates its Algorithms but on the base of very often to make its search results more accurate.Google algorithms especially come to remove volatility factors for search results.So for this there is a lot of chances for your site, negatively affected by a latest Algorithm update.

5.Website Encountered a Ranking Penalty.Updating your site for Google Panda and Penguin penalties it might be possible that site caught for some spammy links or fake contents (duplicate contents).In this situation you will notice a significant drop down for web traffic.

6.Use of Negative SEO (Black Hat SEO).To acquire an instant fast ranking to beat competitors by having a strategy of automated but spammy back links pointed to your website that aims for negative seo.To resolve this problem use Bing webmaster's Disvow Links Tools

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    These are reason can be drop website traffic but normally these reason can effect on website traffic,

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