Globally Rolling out Enhanced SiteLinks Enhance your Google Adwords Ad Campaigns with Sitelinks

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Google has already announced in February 2012 to enhance your ad sitelinks on desktop search ads in all to create more options for user and more clicks for advertisers.From initial testing Google says that enhancing your ads with sitelinks could have 30% higher average clickthrough rate than having 2-lines or 3-lines ads, and for it Google continuesly working hard to make them even more effective and useful.Now Google announced for new ad sitelinks as to Globally Rolling out Enhanced SiteLinks.

Over the last several months, we’ve continued to improve the ad systems for creating enhanced sitelinks and determining when they’re most useful. Now, we’ve begun to roll them out in all countries where AdWords is available.
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 Enhance your Google Adwords Ad Campaigns with Sitelinks Process.
This will allow advertisers to in order to create Google Adwords ad campaigns further more enhancing their ads with sitelinks feature, they can create their ads with up to ten sitelinks. In Ad Extension tab you can activate the current feature by checking a box that mentioned as "Sitelinks: Extend my ads with links to sections of my site."  in Ad settings.

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Prepared Sitelink ads can only show above top organic search results not in side bar.follow  following three steps to create your ads with sitelinks.

  • As sitelinks ads shows only the top of organic search results instead of side bar there advertiser's struggle to reach the top ad position they can try to increase their Quality Score, increase their max bid to improve their CPC bid or in case of both.
  • you can include 6 to 10 sitelinks but for each with a URL of your Landing Page
  • In your Google Adword Account having multiple active ads with the same landing page URLs as your sitelinks. One ad to match each unique sitelink is the bare minimum.


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