Website Over Optimization Google Panlties and Updates for Natural Search Ranking

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Google working on search ranking penalty
The post is conducted from a recent forum thread that entirely discussed about "What is Website Over Optimisation", most importantly from the point of view of Google's latest updates about regretting over optimisation.In fact the current issue is too much hot on the web nowadays and most of forum threads talks about it.So here to better understand the current topic let's have a little glance at the following example..

First keep it in your mind, about two weeks ago Google launched it's Emd (Exact Match Domain) algorithm to reduce down the search ranking of such like sites that holds rich keywords in their page domains that in past getting enjoyed from an easy and better ranking stuff.
       Let's suppose that some one owned a website that offered free widgets for kids, and the site is being optimise for the current targeted keywords "free widgets for kids" by putting them in domain name, the page title, and every other sentence on the home page. So definitely if you would like to define the site's structure and site's contents according to Google's Matt Cutt's new statement about Over Optimisation "Google is working on a search ranking penalty for sites that are “over-optimized” or “overly SEO’ed.” so it sounds spammy and unprofessional and I have no idea how this site managed to elude over optimisation penalties earlier.

But anyway look at the following features that heavily concern about Over Optimisation and must you must getting rid of them from your mind to put them it your site's, if yes then how to recover for future higher search ranking and better SEO development.
Matt Cutts Google penalties over optimization
Unnatural Keyword Density, Keyword Stuffing or Over use of Keywords/phrases. According to seo experts who called the over use of keywords as keywords stuffing and usually a common form of over optimisation and also the easiest to recover from. When you are trying to rank for a specific phrase or any targeted keyword, you definitely want to be on the top of Google for that. Many webmasters will do this by placing the same term in the page title, url's, meta tags, body text, anchor text, header tags etc etc, but still the conditions are totally changed, it is too much beneficial and important to step out like showing the page relevancy that Google can easily examine, what the subject of your site is, without having to repeat the same phrase over and over. That just gives a poor user experience. Not only that, google will know you're trying to game the system. You could possibly overcome this by strong content and a good backlink profile, but it will likely still hold you back in some way or another.

Google's Recommended Redirects for Domains One thing I noticed about several is often site owners redirect their several domains to their main site and they have bought out competitors over the years and just redirected them to their main site. Be careful and it is much better not to redirect too many sites to your main business, and if you do, make sure to follow recommended procedure as offered by google.

Anchor Text Optimisation for Inbound and Outbound linking. Definitely when you palce your links in your own page as well as on other's pages you got some nomination for them to redirect both search engines and visitors to tell them what your links are about. Anchor Text an oldy but a goody. The best backlink profile is a well rounded, diverse and natural looking profile that has links coming from many types of venues.
But here suppose what happens when your all links caught for, because all they are coming from a single platform like they may be blogs with same keyword that means that looks pretty artificial. Top that off with if these blogs link to lots of other unrelated sites, it wont take google's algo too long to detect that. Aggressive reciprocal links can hurt you as well.

Having Sites in same nich but on same server.It is too much enough to lose your search ranking having 2 websites on the same server in the same or similar industries will cause 1 or both of them to be punished.
Like having the two blogs on blogspot or on wordpress with same topic and connect them to a single Google analytics account, using Adsense on them or any other. It is too much better to connect any 2  sites together unless they are completely unrelated and configure them with different whois info.

Affiliate Networking and Earning Programs. Google's last week updated Page Layout Algorithm  is about visitor's page look that how your page looked by your visitors.Whether if you implemented a lot affiliate banners on your page that are enough to give an expression to visitors for have not rich and richinfo contents instead of having a lot of banner ads, In other words if your main purpose it redirect the traffic to other sites then google may just decide to drop your site and favor the source site since that would provide a better user experience. Counter this by offering something truly unique.

Google's Disavow Links. Recently Google's Matt Cutt's annnounced to confirm the availability of Google's Disavow Links tools in Webmaster tools, through which, Google recommends you too upload a plain text file that will consist of bad spammy links or the links that are untrusty for you, pointing to your site from other sites, Google will take them as "strongly suggested items" that you want to Disavow, google ignore them or deleted them. To learn more read "Google's Disavow Links."

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