SEMPO FTC Anti Trust Case against Google Powered by Majority of FTC

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anti trust case
After for a year's long FTC's (Federal Trade Commision) invetigation, four FTC commisionars come closer to prepare an anti-trust case against Google Inc, the No 1 search engine in the world a report from reutersillegally used its dominance of the search market to hurt its rivals.In the spot light of, FTC recieving a complaint list consisting of a large number company names arguing about a huge crack down of agency on Google.SEMPO Letter to FTC.
 Most online company owners specially Google rivals from industries of travelling, shopping and entertainment, accusingly talk about Google's strategies for unfairly getting them ranked down in search results to steer Internet users away from their websites and toward Google products that provide similar services.Typically or naturally when users come to browsers they click on the top results either in organic search results or paid advertising. So it means if online marketers have to face a trouble of down ranking then they have only one option to promote their brands that is "more budget for more paid advertising."

During FTC's Invetigation Google make reply as:

Asked about any discussions with the FTC, Google spokeswoman Niki Fenwick said: "We are happy to answer any questions that regulators have about our business." The FTC declined to comment.During a congressional hearing in September 2011, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt denied that the company manipulated its search results. "May I simply say that I can assure you we've not cooked anything," he told the Senate Judiciary Committee's antitrust panel.
A report from Newyork Times centrelly pointed out issue for anti trust case between FTC and Google “whether Google manipulates search results to favor its own products, and makes it harder for competitors and their products to appear prominently on a results page.”

Anti Trust Case Progress. FTC Chairman Person Jon Leibowitz Said that:

In mid-September that he expected a decision in the case by the end of the year. European regulators are conducting a similar antitrust probe.If the agency finds that Google broke the law, the FTC and Google could hammer out a settlement that resolves the issues or, if settlement negotiations fail, the matter could end up in a lengthy, expensive court fight.The FTC announced in April that it had hired high-powered Washington lawyer Beth Wilkinson to lead the probe. The hiring was seen as a sign that the FTC was contemplating filing a lawsuit against Google.


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