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Matt McGee (Executive News Editor of Search Engine Land and its sister site, Marketing Land, and owner of Small Business Search Engine Marketing, while getting in an interview with SeoCopywriting discussed about the basic terms and tips for small business owners that what they should focus to understand before spending their time and efforts for their bussines instead of going ahead blindly.
 The first thing "What Google or other search engines expect from site owners for their current search engine marketing environment in shape of updating their different Algorithms and implies them to search results, in other words you may say that what is meant by Panda , Penguin and recently updated EMD (Exact Match Domains).To more understand about Algorithms you may check my posts.. 
Google Rolled Out Officially Page Layout Algorithm Update affects ~0.7% of English queries noticeably
Any way let's get back to check the interview's main features.

Matt McGee's SEO Recommendations for Small business Owners:
  1. Small business owners should totally concern about creating quality contents for SEO 2012 developments especially in front of Google's Panda and penguin for low quality data and bad linkbuilding schemes.
  2. Get the concept of quick and easy SEO rid of from their minds.Focus on quality and do stuff that will last for the long haul as "slow and steady wins the race."
  3. Work to build your own brand that people could priorities your brand in Google search results.
  4. There are all kinds of content on the web and all kinds of noise on social networks. Quick-and-easy isn’t gonna help you cut through that.Quality and hard work, along with patience and persistence, give you a shot.
  5. Geo targeting and ranked higher for local search results is important.

Matt Mcgee's Message he wants to convey Small Business owners: He said
Be patient. Think long-term.Most of the snake-oil and low-budget stuff that scammy SEO companies peddle to small business owners are based on false promises of quick fixes and rapid improvements.There’s no overnight success when it comes to SEO and online marketing; building trust and building a successful online presence takes time.
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