Have 1st Penguin Penalties expired Sites come from Unhealthy to healthy range in Webmaster Tools

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Some one said on a forum discussion sites that were attacked by 1st Penguin and showing in an unhealthy range in Google Webmaster tools now have moved back to healthy range.That means the previously sending Penguin Penalties to webmasters or site owners have been Expired and Penguin hitted sites automatically come to a healthy range .

In WMT you can order websites by health, noticed this week that almost exactly 6 months after the April 24 penguin attack that sites of ours that were showing in the unhealthy range have moved back into the healthy range. Rankings for keywords affected have not returned to pre-penguin levels but they have improved some.  

I think site's health range doesn't matter with Penguin's working as penguin is purely algorithmic so it worth not right by saying that if a site hit by penguin will solely come to a healthy range in WMT after some time and penguin probably did not effect the health ranking in wmt. Have you any clue about this it is my pleasure if you share it with me.For more you can check it at here 

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