Google's Double Dealing Is Penguin Working sites continue to rank with spammy links

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When you dare to compete in your niche then the first thing which is to much important, "a brief overlook at all of relative industry to get the a lot of knowledge for all search terms and a chance to go ahead for further development but not yet more on to understand the current search behaviour & atmosphere," 
 In very beginning of search engines all is right what you do, how you use keywords in your on-page optimisation, Most SEOs, webmasters & experts advice to use your main rich keywords in domain name to rank for a specific search query, people done it and stay on top search results, it considered as a brilliant White Hat SEO terms, but now Google said you'll be get down due to your exact match domain names and you should follow the new webmaster guidelines for On-Page Optimisation.  If talk about the contents quality very first you didn't caught for them that what types contents you bring on your site and where you putt them to drive traffic either they matters with a duplicate issue or not.Google rolled Panda to getting rid of them from search results by saying that your contents are of low quality, and there's a lot of mannual penalties sending to webmasters to cover them. Your ranking will be demolished to reward the high quality sites, so here whose the sites holding high quality sites, perhaps Google's rich webmasters and investors who are claiming such like as after the Google Q3 Earnings ($14.1B) Report for Third Quarter 2012 Harshing Investors Related Recent Algo Updates at a forum discussion
Perhaps Panda and Penguin are not paying off after all, relevant results = lower incentive to click ads. 
I note the following in the report with some interest but haven't formed a conclusion about it yet. 
Paid clicks: Up 33% on a year over year basis, and up 6% on a sequential basis 
Cost per clicks: Down 12.77 compared to $2.21 for same period a year ago. 
 One more example that I really wants to share with you see a recent analysis report for top 20 sites in SERPs by a forum member...
You would not believe the backlink profiles! 99% pure unadulterated spam. Site-wide links from foreign websites, blog roll links, almost all (at least 90%) of the backlink profile on ALL of them comes from websites not even remotely related to the niche. I mean things we used to see about 10 years ago. I just don't have the words to describe the "spammyness", blatant and wide in the open. If I showed you the backlink profile of just one of the websites - you will probably punch your monitor and go get drunk. 
The above statement clears our minds for Google Algos are useless and not working to update SERPs for relevancy.If it right then why SEOs and Analysers are being forced to use Google's new features to develop their search ranking and visibility such like Google Disavow links Tool or it is not even over than does Google wants to double cross the investors making their investments for PPC Campaigns Budget or for forcing webmasters and developers to use Google's services or just to steer the Internet users from other sites to expelling them for Google products.
So in front of all these issues a few days ago a lot webmasters and marketers appeals to FTC for to confirm stepping out for an anti trust case against Google Inc for unfairly getting them rank down to steer away the potential costumers from their sites. See the FTC's Anti-Trust case against Google report here.


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