Google Emails for Google Authorship Confirmation to Writers and Bloggers

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Today on 25, September 2012, If you are a writer or a blogger and have set up Google Authorship then you may have a confirmation email message landing to your inbox from Google Authorship to confirm your participant for Google Authorship.

The sending email is subjected to welcome the writers and blogger to Google Authorship and consisting of a little briefing for Authorship working in search results.

Author ship confirmation
In case attibuting Author Matt Cut says in his previous announcement at google Blog

We now support markup that enables websites to publicly link within their site from content to author pages. For example, if an author at The New York Times has written dozens of articles, using this markup, the webmaster can connect these articles with a New York Times author page. An author page describes and identifies the author, and can include things like the author’s bio, photo, articles and other links.

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  1. gregory peter  

    30 September 2012 at 22:15

    Its a very great news for all Genuine authors that they will get benefit for their content.

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