Google Research and Gmail Filtered By Iranian Government

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On Sunday 23 September an announcement has been declared through Iran Government Deputy Minister for "Iranian Government has started to filtrate the Google research and Gmail in case of improving it's own Cyber scurity Government says for it...
"Google and Gmail will be filtered throughout the country until further notice," an official identified only by his last name, Khoramabadi, said, without giving further details.
The main controversy to set a recent announcement through Iranian Government to screen Google communications By blocking Google In's search engine and it's mailing services with in few hours.

but there have been a main suggestion to block Google services not to remove or ban a trailer clip of the inflammatory, religious hate mongering film Innocence of Muslims in both Pakistan and Bangladesh.The dilettantish film especially flimsier to sacrilegious against Muslims, and the film gathering views on You Tube.Mainly film concerns to arousing more Muslims to spark riots in several Islamic countries that lastly resulted in shape of several Muslim countries having request to Google for removing the film clips from YouTub that still not is done by Google.

So Iran in it's announce said to Google..
We've asked Google to confirm whether it is being filtered or blocked in Iran, but so far it has not replied.
Moreover The Iranian student news agency said that Google ban was directly connected to anti-Islamic film that was published on YouTube that clearly caused for Muslim world outrage.The step is being taken by Iran to prevent public from using countless sites that being cause of criminality or some offensiveness.But in case of Muslim outrage the matter is simple to block the sites like FaceBook publishing or YouTube is due to their use in anti-government protests.


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