Competitor's Analysis Leverage Competitive Analysis To do Better SEO

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It is good to learn SEO in an academy to be a professional but infact your industry competitors are your best  teacher who calls out you to compete on every step.So for it you have to circle everything about their imaginations by stacking up how they do using all online development resources.There for it is too much aggressive story to spent your 90% focus on understanding your competitors, taking them as a case study, extracting a fully analysed report and finaly leveraging competitive analysis to do better SEO. Let's suppose that whether you are studying case about top ten competitors who are standing behind their best optimised sites in SERPs. Here the most notify able matter is search engines gradually positioned them for 1,2,3......10.Simply firstly they are following webmaster guidelines but expecting them there are several things need to looking for best assessment for incredible working to promote your site while becoming a tough competitor.

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1.Competitor's Site structure ans Search Approach.Search engines require you develop your site's structure according to webmaster guidelines in terms of creating a balance structure that looks like a reasonable balanced pyramid instead of unbalanced for better crawling process and letting search engines to a your site's contents brief introduction.See the fig below that describes an unbalance site structure.

Now look at an other fig that describes a well agonisingly designed and reasonable balanced structure.

Now so let's move on your competitor's site structure, here the first thing is to getting a roughly idea for how many pages have been indexed of that site by typing the follow command in Google search box.

After having a rough figure for indexed pages you need to compare it with your own site's pages that will impress you for how many contents with pages you should need to bring and publish on your site.

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2.Updating Site through Blog development having fresh blog contents.Have a well optimised blog to your site on a subdomain (ex: or that will repeat your SERPs activities   because a site without a blog have a limited updation.But through publishing on your site's blog 2 to 3 times helpful fresh content's focusing on your main purposes will force search engine's bots to come on your site for frequent and listing content's in SERPs for specific search queries and ultimately search engines will count it as freshly updating site.

3.Add Product Review Options( User Generated Contents).People suggestions for your main purposes including  (offering services, products) also increase your search engine visibilty by having a tons blog comments reviews on your offers, forum comments and postings people discussion section.A great oppurtuinity for you is the extraction of ideas from public mind that you can surely use for future strategies.

4.Add Community Thrilling Contents like PR News and Career Pages.It is good to have a touch with related new upcoming trends on your site like your own announcements for recently updating contents or extracting latest news from authentic resources.The mean to have another chance to update your site frequently that people really wants to read hear or see.


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