Google Launched New Structred Data Testing Tool by replacing old Rich Snippets

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Google firstly lauching it's rich snippets tool in 2009 to extract relevant data from webmater's webpages to construct that data as a snipet showing it search result in case of helping user's by providing them more relevant information for their current search queries.
        Here's the recent announcement from Google for renaming it's Rich Snippets Testing tool for Structured Data with namely as structured data testing tool to firely improve their search result look for better reflection to match how they look in search results with an extra expansion of types of strutured data supported.Google says about its new change
Structured data testing tool

To bring the current change in Rich Snippet Testing Tool and by implimenting the new structured will obviously help webmasters that can improve the Click Through Rate for their pages from search results and better engange their audience.The new snippet tool structured data testing tool will not only show how's the search results look like but also show what google extract from your page.It will work with all supported rich   snippets like Applications,Authors,Events,Music,People,Products,recipes,reviews and others.

Google testing tools
In Google webmater tool >Optimization section you can select Structured data option to check from how many pages of your site Google extract data and how many types were found.


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