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Last week a recent announcement has been held by SEMrush for the new release of Facebook ads PPC analysis reporting tool that have a description of more comprehensively working than other facebook marketing tools who are only able to provide the details of Facebook likes and shares.The main features for the wise use of new tool is competitive analysis on running Facebook ads by Domain, Keywords or using top ads on facebook.

While using Domains to search the ads gives you an opportunity to measured your current competitor strength by demonstrating you the impression over the time through a nice line graph that describes the current ads impression and trend over time.The tool also offers to create your ads as your own Landing Page.In terms of local research Geo-targeting for your ads shown in pie graph to create a focusing on impression for advertiser into different markets through other advertisers can understand the clear cut idea about current ad creator.

In case of your unawareness about your current competitors that who are they, New Facebook Ads Tool provides an easy method the use related keywords, searching ads by keywords tool displayed a list of ads containing that keyword.

For example if you search for jewlry tool will display the ads for adverting jewlry products.More on misspelling provides a lot of other misspelled ads that could be an interesting data may also be a limition data of a tool to exact match on ads your keyword.So the tool can be considered a power full platform especially when you wants to promote your white papers on Facebook.

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An other feature to find out and the trendy focus for Facebook ads is the use of top Facebook ads to search ads by impression for a limited time either daily, weekly, monthly and also including local searches (geo graphical location or specific country).

 Here the problem is there is nothing found any way to download your ads search reports for further action like sharing or extraction of search data.But the Newly released tool work for you to set your PPC campaigns by giving more analytic data for further SEO, SEM and PPC strategies


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