SEM SEO Advertising Techniques an Ultimate Way to Drive Targeted traffic to your site

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What is SEM (search engine marketing) recommended terms and techniques(free or organic and paid advertising traffic resources) offered by search engines to help webmasters to raise their rank and visibility in SERPs, simply a form internet marketing.

    You may also consider search engine marketing as practice of advertising or marketing campaigns that you adopt for your site's maximum exposure like spreading light of rising sun through search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo or altavista.Mostly major search engines provides two types of results when a user type something in search box (called a search query), search engines list results according to relevancy of both search query and page contents.Let's see the types results which are listing blow.

1.Free or organic search results (based on search engine optimization).Seo is a combination of technical terms for web promotion or exposure of a site and ranking high in organic search results (SERPs).Search engine optimization includes two main features 1. on page optimization and 2. off page optimization

1.1.On page Optimization SEO. Mainly consists of page design, page management and strategies of keywords selection and wise use in site's different section like keywords in page urls titles,title tags, description, body text etc..

Round about 93 internet users use search engines to search for their required information.So for visitor's relax and time saving search engines becoming smart and smart day by day while updating their search algorithms very soon periodically and now they search results on the base of tends to relevant until perfectly matched webpages with search queries show on Google's fisrt page.

1.2.Off Page Optimization SEO. A perfect voting system held by search engines to numerically ranked a webpage to make that more powerful and authorized.In off page optimization one link pointed from an other site to your site considered as on vote for you and timely increasing votes increase your site's rank.There for off page optimization refers to ranking factors called as Link Building strategies that are usually out of control.
Link Building is a process of submitting your website's link to all possible but relevant online resources like
link submitted to
  • Search Engines 
  • Directories
  • Article Directories
  • Blog Submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Video submission
  • Press release distribution
  • Rss(really simple syndication
  • Links from Web 2.0 sites
  • Forum posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • and so many others

2.Paid Advertising or Paid Search Result(Internet Marketing).A combination of online paid adverting resources (Paid placements, Contextual advertising and Paid inclusions) to market a website for extra exposure through all search engines in order to reach targeted audience and potential costumers. SEMs(search engine marketing) holds a guarantee that your website will appear in search results for targeted keywords in case of building  quick visibility. Actually Paid advertising includes PPC (pay per click), CPC (cost per click) is a process of gaining traffic by creating ads of your site on search engines for targeted keywords.In this case the main thing to create your ads is keywords optimization while all search engines offers webmasters to analyse their keywords through their advertising center like Google Adwords, Yahoo seacrh marketing center, Microsoft ads etc for paid search marketing campaigns.


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