SEO 3 Basic Steps to do first Google Analytics Sitemap and Robot.txt Seo Basics

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In the whole process of Search engine optimization(SEO) for newly formed website the two steps that I consider most important and highly prior to take first is

     1. Installation and Use of Google Analytics for all pages of your site.
     2. Creation of Sitemap.xml file and add it to your site.
     3. Creation of Robot.txt file and put it on your site for search engine robots to redirect them.

Why Use of Google Analytics Account is important for your site ? It seems from a general view on all over web search results that about one-third of webpages have no Google Analytics account or any other.Well it does't matter but too much surprising that 36 % sites have not any analytics, which means that they are totally unaware from visitors and search engine's behavior with their site.When you start a website with a specific topic, you to have stand against a big competition in you niche industry.In this matter you really need to justify the trends and behavior of both visitors and competitors.So if you have not Google analytics or any other then how you can do this?

How Google Analytics Works for you.To enable it for your site you have to add a HTML tracking code to your site's all pages that Google can track them.Google analytics collect site's data by using its HTML Javascripts known as page tags for further users interaction and so far instance it informs you for following

1.A complete list of words that visitors used in search box to find out your pages.(search queries)
2.How many visitors are there who visit your pages.(visitor stats)
3.For how long they stay on your pages, average time per visitor.(visit duration)
4.Monthly Page views reports and common behavior of visitors.(graphical report)
5.What is the percentage of single page visit.(bounce rate)
6.Number of new visitors vs repeat visitors
7.Finely using the data from Google analytics, Google adwords and Google adsense to optimize your all future marketing campaigns.

Why you need Sitemap.xml file as it is important for your site?A way to telling the search engines about all sections of a site that are available for crawling.Sitemap helps in crawling latest updates from you and making them able to show in search results SERPs while having the full information about site's contents to telling search engine crawlers(Google robots).It is just like table of contents that consist of all items present on your site and is used to navigation work.Here is example of sitemap that how it is

       http://{your website}/sitemap.xml

Why you need to have Robot.txt file and put it to your site. Robot.txt is a file that is used to redirect the search engine bots in case of handling your site data that which web folder exclude from indexing.The file is used to control search engine spiders you may want to block spiders the directories that contain your scripts to reduce load on web server by blocking spiders to crawl some unnecessary executions.Here an example of Robot.txt that how it is
        http://{your website}/robots.txt 

Hopefully you like my article so I request from you for feedback in shape of writing some in comment box.Thanks


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