Competitor Anlysis and Competitive Intelligence How to find out your industry Competitors

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Competitor analysis and research a fundamental requirement for your further marketing plans for future, search engine ranking and Seo Strategies, which helps to assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your pontential competitors.In other words a company's competitors are its well organizers because they awared that company about its weaknesses, to identify the opportunities and threats from niche industry.Basically an online Business owner really need a deep competitors research and analysis for its company to better understand its marketing strategies, company's action and reaction in its industry and to locate the place for it standing amongst competitors.

Why you need to do Competitor analysis and research for your online business. An essential factor to find out the probable competition resources and  estimated information and results for your company's profile.However, a well-thought competitor analysis permits an organization to concentrate on those organizations with which it will be in direct competition, and it is especially important when an organization faces a few potential competitors.So let's take a brief look at main features for a company analysis.

 1. To deeply understand the niche internet marketing trend.
 2. An estimation about your company's demand and supply.
 3. To plan for pedant strategies to fill out the requirements.
 4. To understand the competitors upcoming industry trend and behavior.
 5. Competitors strategies for further predictions, threats and opportunities provided from industry.

A company analysis should be done from different aspects like competitors size, strengths and weaknesses, growth and profitability, company's online reputation etc....

What do you need to do ?You need three things to do first to analyse your industry competitors

1.Keyword Optimization for Competitor research and analysis. High quality contents and services strategies are basic ingredient for successful SEO and internet marketing campaigns.But it is not necessary that by having good contents and services and optimizing your page for the targeted keywords you can automatically lead a tons of organic search engine traffic.So here the question is that why it happens...
The answer is that not properly analyse your competitor's strengths and weaknesses.
   So before starting keyword research you need to understand the idea about serving your offers and nature of visitors that what they like to use the keywords typed in search box in order to reach your site.For example you are an online "Auto spare parts seller for ferrari car company" so visitors might used to type
ferrari car spare parts, spare parts of ferrari car and to be understand an exact match search query but its not mean visitor directly reach to your site.First of all you have to measure the figure of your online competitors that are instantly online selling the spare parts ferrari car.For read my fully detailed and related posts for keywords optimization.

You can read my these posts to better understand the keyword optimzation strategies. 

Content Marketing Strategies for online Competitor research and analysis.

2. Assess your competitor's focus for their contents. Stand your competitors up in one line that are ranking for same keywords as your's and check their home pages management to determining where contents are living on their sites.For example mostly visitors or buyers wants to check your site's blog posts, testominals, case studies or previous history for online approach and reputation before to deal any.For example if a site is about health then what they put in their different sections like 

1. Blog posts consist of health articles
2. White papers consist of some health tips in shape of an article
3. Ebooks a combination health related articles
4. FAQs questions related to site's working and purposes 
5. Case Studies how many health issues are under noticed and how many solved
6. etc and so on ....

All the sections of a site existing some targeted keywords and have an different search impression for some targeted search queries.

2.2. Quantitative Content Analysis.Note the number of published contents or blog posts on your competitor site and different search ranking figures like Google page rank, Alexa ranking, SEMrush ranking etc.This will help you to create more but much better optimized contents against your competitor.

2.3Qualitative Content Analysis.An easy way to check the quality of contents take a short look on social sharing bar and counting numbers which shows the content's overall search strength and effectiveness that much they are helpful and like able on public demand.Now the thing which you really need it to take over from the quality of competitor's content by having an angry eye on your competitor's search ranking terminologies.
2.4 Frequency of published Contents (how frequently update a site). Check how frequently competitors update their site twice a month, week or a day.When they come back with their latest updates on site.

3. Competitive Analysis of Competitors Collaborative Social Media. Social media is a best platform to assess your competitors strengths and weaknesses where you find the competitors collaborative public relations and feedback ratio.So notice that
  • What types social sharing widgets are used by your competitors
  • Engagement% for each published content.
  • Analyse content marketing strategies on each social network
  • %age of competitors interaction with their influencers 
  • Competitors strategies for PPC marketing campaigns   



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