What is SEO Search Engine Optimization 2012

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What is SEO simply stands for (search engine optimization).
      All web promotional technologies and resources most compatible to search engines or according to webmaster guidelines.

     SEO 2012. For each old or new Webmasters and SEOs, Seo has become a big bang theory now.At very start of internet it is easy to do and every thing considered to be possible e.g people promote their sites with White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO terminologies, it does't matter for search engines what people are doing, but with the passage of time, increase in searchers volume force search engines to be more smarter and better for their system and for this they periodically update their searching and crawling techniques for example if we talk about Google in march 1998 first search engine with link metrics was updated secondly it was updated in 2000 and like this there are periodic updates.
Google Panda Update but in 2011 Google launched its big update called Google Panda Update that effects 12% percent of search results and deals with quality of sites in front using SEO techniques.
Google Penguin Update.After it in 24 April 2012 Google Penguin was released to award the sites with high quality contents with freshness and to penalize spammers for adopting spam techniques and over optimizing their sites with unnatural linkbuilding strategies or optimizing their titles, headings body text with stuffed key words.Google penguin ranks down these type of sites until getting rid of them from search results to make its search queries more relevant.

Utilizing your Finger Tips and Mind Efforts for SEO 2012. Let's say you are in a battle field and ready to fight.Your main stream is to win that war, but how.First of all you are in front of thousands of best trained soldiers (industry competitors) and second one is hard conditions of battle field that you have to face at any cost.Similarly in Search engine optimization, always remember there is some thing better than your thinkings and do not try to under estimate.See what they are willing to do and how they do ? In this situation only the question is what should I do? Before doing any thing...
keep it in your mind SEO still not dead but Easy SEO. By taking a general view on your Seo efforts and industry requirements you will find competition is big and becoming more like headache with each passing day because the man standing in front of you to compete with you always busy in covering search engines attention by taking all possible, legal and high search ranking steps to go ahead.There for the need is to become more trusted man in eyes of both search engines and potential costumers by having a deep touch to Advance SEO strategies and techniques so that people like your products, services or published contents and feel happy to come back on your site.Take short look at SEO Essential Features

Freshness.Don't waste much time in telling both search engines and visitors that you are a regular publisher of your site, blog or updated your products or services.Bring fresh contents with latest and trendy keywords to more search chances in case of increasing search queries that people frequently type in search box to find out your site.It is notice able search engines love latest but unique updates and internet users always in search some thing new.
Community Engagement.Strongly needed to engage your visitors on your site in order to increase page authority.See the following best terms for engagement

  • Inbound linking 
  • Fresh contents
  • Contents should be clear and straightforward 
  • Ask visitors call to action
  • Create events 
  • Communicate regularly with your visitors
  • Ask your visitors to comment on your wall and make reply to their comments 
  • Ask visitors what they like to read ahead after it
  • Use links for other useful resources 
  • Invite people to discuss on instant topics or add forum to site
  • Carefully reader visitors comments to write next 
Search engines also noticed that people how much spent their time on your site and they rating your site data.

Social Media Support. Social media is a well SEO supported platform because major search engines see user social authority by using social signal for a site that how many people you follow and how many follow you which lists in regular search results.




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