Pinterest Now Become a Big Source of Organic Traffic Than Google Yahoo Twitter

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According to Shareaholic's referral Traffic report it has been noticed that more than 200000 publishers reach  more than 260 million monthly unique visitors per month and an eye figure indicates that Pinterest arises with a big traffic figure than Google, Google Plus, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other giant social media sites.It means Pinterest drives more referral than others.

Graph shows the percentage share of visits for each traffic resource.From this Shareaholic's graphical report the notice able factor is from January to August 2012 Pinterest send more referral traffic than YouTube and LinkedIn in January, Twitter in February, Google referral, Bing and Stumble Upon in June.Let's take a look at follow graph..

In august 2012 Pinterest also beat Yahoo for sending more organic traffic.You might noticed that Pinterest already has broken traffic records and after beating Yahoo it is clear the traffic trend from Pinterest has been increased other than Google Yahoo Bing Twitter and so many.By keeping a deep eye on monthly traffic analysis and reports it clears that after august 2012 report Pinterest has been becoming forth big traffic resources and it continuously sending more traffic each month to Shareaholic's publisher's network.

From the above graphical traffic breakdown it is quite different and notice able matter for every one SEOs Webmasters and publishers that from over the past few months the Pinterest traffic especially hot and trendy.It might be possible that pinterest traffic has more than in double and is growing more suitably as comparing it to organic because pinterest beat others and decrease traffic by 15.63% on average.  


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