SEO Fresh Content Marketing Strategies How to Improve Online Visibility and Traffic

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Now a days after Google Penguin and Panda updates and penalties for over optimization, fake, stolen and keyword stuffed contents, content marketing has focused website owners and web publishers that they drive their attention to bring fresh contents by adopting the latest "Content Marketing Trends in related niches" to have a clear position for their site in the sky of web world.
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How Content Marketing Improves your Marketing Campaigns and Revenue.
  As you now well that "Fresh and Targeted Traffic is a key to success" for any online business or a website to fulfill the desired goals so there are two basic terms for your online active presence which are
     1."To adopt friendly search engine optimization of your site in accordance with Google webmaster Guidelines for each search engine"
     2."Make sure the presence of unique, informative regular and well scheduled material on your site"
  Which be the cause of increase in search queries, average time of page view per visitor, social strength for social relationships and page impression who helps to make your site more authorized site in eyes of search engine that they can easily judge a better position for your site.

Fresh, Unique and Regular Contents can Impact more Effectively both Search Engines and visitors.
  This is understood that every one wants some thing new every time either they are search engine bots or human visitors, so it is clear that how much you are busy in introducing and sharing new ideas, more and more chances to engage both, so recent contents on your website create a curious and attract able factors to disturb search engine bots activities and force them to follow your shared links as "Google Loves Unique Contents", and when people are busy in searching for their requirements, only the newly submitted contents will show in search results according to Latest Changes in Google Search Algorithms.



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