Ads Integrity Alliance A Combined fight against Web Violation and Bad Ads

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StopBadware launches Ads Integrity Alliance an announcement from stopbadware has been set for internet users to protect them from bad ads to maintain trust in online advertising industry while working with the corporation of "Charter members of Alliance Google, Facebook, Twitter, Aol" and the interactive Advertising Bureau.
   The strategy is that in the beginning of 2006 a lot of sites, service providers, software companies,has been enabled by Stopbadware that they share real time informations about malware factors like viruses,malicious downloads,phishing sites, with internet users on the web and to significantly eliminate them to stop creating violation.So due to this they are busy in contributing to goal of identifying and removing the bad ads from all corners of web.
    The Ads Integrity Alliance is a natural extension of Stopbadware mission for a clean and safer web world in order to reduce the ratio of badware until end them by saying that "no one can address internet scale threats on their own, therefor they decide to work together industry leading organization to solve these problems.
    So the particular Alliances declared by Stopbadware to make it easy for industry that they can fight back against these under noticed violated factors and bad actors are 

     1.Develop and Share the definitions, industry policy recommendations, best practice
     2.Save the plate form to share the information about the bad actor.
     3.Share relevant trends with policy makers and law enforcement agencies.

Internet is rapidly growing platform which gives a lot of resources to share some thing and to get some thing what ever you want, but some quick money generator systems are busy in spoiling this platform by reducing the trust in web and in online advertising and also becoming the cause of violation in case wasting the time of internet users in all over the world.It is also true that businesses generate from advertising has enabled an enormous part of this platform.There for Ads Integrity Alliance is arranged an event or a gathered working platform to protect and save the time of users "Bad Ads" and strengthen the trust. 



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