Google Penguin Hits Algorithms and how to Recover After Hitting

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Google penguin is a new search parameter and google algorithm coding term that was updated in April,24 2012 to overcome the web violations and to decrease the search rank of low quality websites with fake data that are hitting against google webmaster guidlines by webmasters and seo experts  using illegal black hat seo terms to get the fast improvement in search results for boosting their sales with in very short time.

Google Penguin Preferences.As Google is very sensitive and caring for their internet
Google penguin Pandasurfer and webmasters who are seriously busy in promoting their relevant, accurate, informative content base websites and marketing campaigns to target their real online costumers.But for the last few years ago the real internet resources for online marketing are badly influenced due to increase in rate of  fraud spam and black  hat seo activities who helps fake webmasters in covering highest position in search results due to which there are a lot of complications are faced by both sellers and buyers.So to cover this difficult situation "Google Penguin Update" is especially updated to prevent and penalize the spaming and black hat seo terminologies.From the April 24,2012 Google penguin has started analyzing the sites which are over optimized and  borrow low  quality data from other sites which is not accurate and informative for internet users to decrease their search rank until get rid of  to save the online reputation of honest business honors.It is very hard time for all Seo experts and especially for black hat webmasters who are involved in doing every thing lik to get maximum exposure and higher ranking  in past and they definitely hit by google penguin

Is Google Penguin Hitting your Site.Every webmaster have well awareness about his site's status and I think the traffic status is checked by him periodically so he knows his site's position clearly whether it gone down or up.If there is any problem it might be possible that his site is hit by Google penguin.More over Google reports webmasters about some spamming offenses through Google Webmaster center.

What to do after Hitting.As Google penguin hits spam and Black hat Seo terminologies like

  • Key word stuffing (Over use of key words in H1 H2 H3, title tags meta, tags body text, hidden text)
  • Link Farm (Link exchange to get more and links for better ranking)
  • Reciprocal Link building ( Clear warned by Goole updates to all web masters as a Link Buuilding prohibited term)
  • Spam E-mail marketing (To rank better for advertising)
  • Cloacking ( content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented to the user's browser.)
  • Buying links of low quality pointed to your site
 So if you feel that your site ranking is gone down day by day and you check the status of site that is not according to your efforts this mean that there is some problem so in this case analyze your site in Google webmaster tools there is might be a manual penalty against your spam site send to you directly from google with a "reconsideration report" to filed it but first you have to "cleaned up your site" to get rid of the manual penalty.So what is "cleaned up your site".Actually Google penguin hits your site because you use some spam and black hat seo terms mentioned above this mean that google is forcing you to get rid of them and remove the manual penalty by filling reconsideration report to get back your current ranking.After removing all spamming terms read the Google Webmaster Guidelines and optimize care fully your site again with some original, informative, authentic help full  data for visitors and by using White hat Seo Techniques an.Be patient and give the time to Google Penguin to reupdate your site.It will take some time your site will get its current position in Google eyes.


  1. Cris Monde  

    12 June 2012 at 22:57

    Many website have been penalized and dropped their ranking since Google released their new algorithm and it's so hard for them to recover again. So in order for us not to get penalized and banned, we must stick in white hat SEO and avoid spamming the web.

    Cris | Link Building Services Philippines

  2. IT consultants  

    13 June 2012 at 02:36

    Thats Correct Cris... we should concentrate on our work, same as we were doing and using white hat technique...

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  3. Rose  

    15 November 2012 at 23:11

    I agree, white hat techniques is really the best thing to do with SEO. Plus the Social Signals they are very important to get more Qualified Leads

  4. Milo Bozovich  

    23 January 2013 at 20:26

    Great article.. i think you still have to be very agressive to get hit by Google.. In a way I'm glad that the spammers are getting hit.. Makes it easier for the people producing quality content.

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