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      Content Marketing is a complete solution of handling your market campaigns or to transfer your brand new ideas  in content shape(Products and Services) to your relevant community(Business to Business Marketing-B2B).
 In case of beating your marketing competitors in your niche you have to take better stand by updating and optimizing your search terms with new strategy to find out that how content marketing trends changing with the passage each minute that what you are typing and what your costumers and competitors are typing.The following infographic can describe content marketing strategies.
Seo and Social media Strategies For 2012
      So for this first of all you have to clear your mind about your targeted audience and require a deep research to prepare yourself to create your first content marketing campaign and for this search for cheat sheets, trends, predictions, helpful white papers, blog posts can be best practice and the coming soon trends for 2012 are creating a branding awareness and opportunities for publishers and content writers about the importance of content creation, according to a recent survey for Digital Content Marketing 2012 more than 90% marketing companies have already planned for the next 12 months about their content marketing strategies to stand alone on the top of internet pinnacle.
 Write Less and Say More Save the Time Instead of writing Long articles
Content Marketing gives you a chance to deliver your voice to your relevant audience by using voice to connect with a relevant, people can hear about your online activities, What you are offering, Who are you and your category, How you do, Whats your preferences and strategies which will work as a communicating tool.



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