Seo Traffic Tactics for Blogger Use the Power of Original Contents[Infographic]

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Seo traffic Tactics
Either you have the awareness or not about the importance of contents I do not know but contents can be the ladder of success.Lets assume that you create a website, optimized it off page and on page very well, select a good domain name for it but if you have not a lot of words to express your idea than how people can find you in the deep sea of internet.In short not any website or blog can get more and more traffic or earn money with out contents.It dose not matter how they are strong or poor whereas they consist of some keywords and they can drive the attention of search engine bots, attract more and more people to your site.

Legal Contents are Authorized for Google No #1 Position  
     There is no doubt original and informative things have unique value and always remain on the top of search results.Especially in these days while Google has sent the notifications to over about 1 million site owners for their over optimized sites bu going against webmaster guidelines  like keyword stuffing, unnatural links, spamming others, using the duplicate or stolen contents to increase the number of search queries in their sites and getting down in search results.So before writing a post keep in mind you have full knowledge about that what you are writing, should be relevant to your title tags, seo friendly, proper use of keyword density, use suitable images with keyword alt tags, distribute your posts into several paragraphs with unique headings that your instant readers spent  more and more time on your page.

Frequent Posts mean There is no Red Signal for Traffic 
    It is understood that every one wants some thing new either they are human visitors are search engine bots.There for how much frequently you make posts greater the number of  visitors and search engine crawl rate will high for your site.In case of my own blog when I start it I have no more ideas for frequent posts to share with  others due to which I have no satisfactory number of visitors and because of it I have to join the traffic exchange sites to make it live and popular, but it is not a good strategy because if you are very popular in traffic exchange networks instead of struggling in real ways for your site, it might be possible that in future you will banned by  google.Then I start to read the already published posts, search for new trends about my desired topic and finally prepared my to write something informative and authentic optimized it carefully search engine optimization rules with out the limits and publish.In the last week I can publish only one post and the number of visitors is 500, this week I publish two posts with in to days and number of visitors is 1400 now the difference is clear.In short I only wants to say that the contents are the king of SEO WORLD.

Use the Strength of Social Media
  Your well reputed social relations works as right hand in case of promoting ideas.So after completing your post send links to well known social sites where you can earn real traffic, comments, profile promotions like facebook  like us, tweet us, pin us on pinteres, digg us etc who can play a leading role in your site links.


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