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In terms of SEO technology you may also called the year 2012 is of Google Algorithms hitting the webspam technologies to get rid of them, especially focused on some linking stuffs with different algo updates like Penguin inherently noticing your link relationships to others such like having some fun with Article Marketing, links from article directories, general directories, with paid submissions and you might be noticed that they really hit with bad manners.So in front of all this pay some attention towards the Google's message for to alive your search engine visibility with well ranking in SERPs.
"If this is a link that you go out onto the Web and acquire as an SEO person trying to build a link in the way that links have classically been built or gotten, we don't want you to have that link, or more likely, we don't want to count that link, and if that's all you do, we might actually be penalising you through an algorithm filter like Penguin.'
What there's new to do SEO after now when Google getting more smarter.
     The message returns to you by Google, in order to meaning it you should sure your presence on relevant community onto the web with your links to get the more potential clicks for your links.Obviously it will increase user engagement on your site that makes you a trusty person in eyes of search engines with different development features to rank you higher like noticing click through rate for a page. So if you done this then what search engines will do with you with the aspects of your dreams for online working such like "Oh, I really want high PageRank links. I'm looking for that little green bar that's filled up all the way. When I see that in the toolbar, I know that if I just get some links on there to my page, I can start ranking for all sorts of stuff."
    Anchor Text. For about 12 to18 months ago Google's working on anchor text, when you place your links on an other site with do-follow attribute having some anchor text for it to refer users to learn more or to get some stuff, there's a little clarification about your page relevancy that really noted by search engines bots to make an idea for search engine results classification.About two years ago it doesn't matter what types of words you use with what percentage % in your linking anchor texts. Due to some search ranking effects that how a page link in SERPs holds some good ranking for a specific words, Googles seemed, it is too much sophisticated for SERPs in case of ranking for a specific word like click here.Further more Google also noted that how pages rank better in SERPs with their exact match domains, and being not avoiding them there's Google algorithm EMD for the sites who enjoyed from easy ranking, while using rich keywords in their domain names. You must pay some attention to Google latest webmaster guidelines for instructive balanced use of anchor text. You may learn more from my previously published post about anchor text   

Linking with social networking PR Links. Suppose you done some thing good for some one and he appreciated you, but first thing why some one dare to like your work? obviously you done some thing good, helping, interesting, or some like odd which will insists other to spread for others, and all they others come to search for original story and story destination page that will owned by you.What will it mean, much better and more traffic, more visits, more sale, brand visibility, reference strength and search engine trust. Although it is noted that social networking doesn't directly impact for positive search ranking results, but it is not less than an evidence for search engines to take a better decision for you. In case you share things socially. I hope that message gets magnified across social and that will lead organically to links. You will earn the links that you get by sharing them socially across your network and across the social platforms. People will see them and hopefully linking back to you if that's relevant and interesting.

Don't do or avoid from buying links directly. When you buy directly links from some one then keep it in your mind that you are not the only one link buyer from them. Instead of this what's better to linking back that will 100 % and positively work for you, bringing the contents of high quality that people do not damningly missed instead of linking back, making a minor social sharing via their own social networks, embed it or use them as a referrence for their constructive contents. I think it would be a better and seo long life wat to stay for long.

More better to do Guest Post than Article Marketing: Notedly read the Matt Cutt's message for Article Marketing..
He said, "Yeah, you know, there's this myth that directories are entirely dead. If it's a curated list, where someone is maintaining a resource and something is included there, I still think those are very valuable."
In past authentically article marketing considered as a valueable way to building links to improve the pagerank but after hitting by Panda, Penguin and EMD, then after it what's they have good for you to rank you better and how they can weather they their self hitted by Google algo's.But if you write a good article, Guest Posting is an effective and best way to use it from several aspects of views like back links, but not yet only a link, an opportunity for community relation ships to increase the site/blog's worldwide awareness that people can learn about you more and can get your stuff featured on picky sites and blogs, what's beautiful is one link from a great blog in your industry or a news site in your industry, this is worth a hundred, maybe a thousand of these, even back in the day.

Competitive Intelligence Competitor's Strength Evaluations & Justifications. Surely if you are online then there is some one an other to slapping you in your industry. Weather first he done I recommend you to do before the he. But it needs a huge search coverage by using several search engine optimisation stuffs such as competitive keyword research, linkbuilding, qualitative contents for more social signals, to the point and right information to reach targeted audience, wise use & selection of SEO TOOLS right tools for right job, spending some time to overlook for more shared contents, what's getting hot from this site, this blog, this research, this market leader, whoever it is, and then doing it better, oh, that's beautiful. When you do this, then I think it pays to go look at, "Hey, who was it that was linking to the interesting content that that site produced? 

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