Latest Seo Trends and News for Unnatural Links[Infographic]

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From the April 24,2012 there are a lot of high search ranking over about 700,000 sites getting down in search results by receiving the alert notifications from Google team to fill out there reconsideration report to resolving the under noticed issue for their sites,that Google can update and crawl them again in search results.In them mostly notification were about to unnatural link building.For example lets see the following  recently received a notification for unnatural links from google to the owner of site. 

Seo Unnatural Links
Unnatural Links penalties Now the strategy is that Google has started to deindexing sites for their unnatural link building factors and for the lat few weeks it has created a lot of frustration for those site owners who are tried to build the links pointed to their sites by using spam ways, some automated link schemes or buying the links for instant increase in PR from low quality websites with fake data or language grammar errors and that blog networks where links are added automatically with "nofollow" attributes..   .

Make Sure about Unnatural Link strategy
While being analyzing your site in Google webmaster tool if you receive any  message or penalty for artificial links that google have to face some problems during indexing your link pages and drive your attention to respond back them via reconsideration request report to fix the spamming problems and google will also tell you about the links nature that they find some inorganic or unnatural links pointed to your site.

Most Important Factors to Survive your Site In Eyes of Google
Avoid from
            Getting the back links spam and low quality resources in large quantity.
            Automated submission with same Anchor texts and fill your resources box with multiple anchor texts
            You have to clearly understand one good and natural back link is 1000 time better than 100 unnatural links.
            Using all ready indexing contents as it is considered as duplicate content on multiple sites.
            Participating in link schemes to raise my page rank.
            Using the spammy keywords in your commenting signatures.
            Guest posting on low quality sites that concern their full focus towards the anchor texts instead of contents.
             links with exact match anchor text were another common factor among affected sites.
            flagged sites for malware or other spammy issues to safe your ranking.
            keyword stuffing for you posts


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