Google Real Time Analytics to Supports Profiles Track Instant Happening on your site

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For the year 2011 Google Announced to launch Real Time Google Analytics titled as What’s happening on your site right now? that instantly reports to webmasters in Google Analytics about real time happen done on their sites. Google define it's Real Time Analytics as:
Currently, Google Analytics does a great job analyzing past performance. Today we’re very excited to bring real time data to Google Analytics with the launch of Google Analytics Real-Time: a set of new reports that show what’s happening on your site as it happens.
Real Time Analytics Includes the Following Features to report on:

  • Measuring your social media impact 
  • Campaign measurement before preparing an ad campaign
  • Accessing Real Time Analytics in Google Analytics New Version
Now Google make it done to support your profiles with Real Time Analytics that will allow you to see all your profile data Real Time Analytics by filtering it on your own choice as Google mentioned it as:
One of the biggest requests we've received was to show real time traffic per profile, which would also allow non-admin users to view real time reports. So today, we are really excited to announce that Real Time supports your profiles! This means that the data you see in real time is profile specific and obeys the filtering you set up for that profile. And this means any user with access to a profile can view the associated real time reports. You can choose and move between profiles using the standard profile-picker feature available in the upper left hand corner.
When viewing your real time reports keep in mind these changes. If the numbers are lower than you are used to, check your filters to see what traffic is being excluded. And if you use real time for debugging, be sure to use an unfiltered report for that purpose.

 It will make you much able to see very instant happenings on your site as it is great tool for rapid testing and debugging of your tracking code and now with profile support you can do the same when creating profile filters.

Real Time Traffice

Rearl Time also Tracks your Mobile SDK Traffic. It is not only for web pages but work to support your APPs Profiles to tracking and showing you your mobile SDK traffic.In case of implementing Real Time Analytics on your phones it will reports about when something goes viral about your site.


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