Google Authorship Images Showing In search Results by not having Authorship Setup

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Last few months Google launched it's Authorship to the data of your Google Profile that appears in search results.And for this you have to simply follow the two steps create your Google Profile, and signup for authorship with your real Email not scendory email by Going Into your Google Plus Profile. So authors and publishers have to set it up to show their Google Profile data search results.

     But recently at forum discussion the examples come to seen Google shows Author data with image without having Google Authorship set up let's the examples

If you check it out in Rich Snippet data you might note that the current profile is connected with Twitter Account and doesn't connect with Google+ profile.So is there some thing wrong with google or it is enough for google to understand the author is same by having such like profiles to show in search results with their images.  

Same like done this with an other profile, the Google+ profile also doesn't have any details about this user's contributions to Google+. What it does have is linkage data to his blog and Twitter account, @optimizeyourweb and because the title of the blog post has the Twitter account and author name, Google is confident to link and use the image of the Google+ profile fo that user.

According all them it seems that perhaps Google does'nt required more about Authors to do anything to link up content to their Google profile.


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