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In (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation world success is the name of a "continues tracing procedure to measure significantly your SEO work" like before "doing your On page optimisation a deep competitive analysis is required for several factors especially including "how keyword optimisation important" for your landing page, page title, body text, SEM campaigns, wisely using keywords at page's technical points to create maximum search impact and beyond this correct keyword density and keyword proximity for search rankings.All it is too much important to search engines while having strictly applied webmaster guidelines for a page to rank it in search results.Any way today we'll talk about Keyword Proximity as term to technically leverage SEO.

Keyword proximity (Keyword Placement, Semantic Closeness, Near or Far). A Seo search term that particularly used by search engine bot's crawling process for a web page to exactly place it in search results. The keyword proximity refers to the distance between the search term’s individual keywords but Google  accounts for a number of things of varying importance by having a justification that into which order they should appear in for certain search terms.
  Obviously the use of unimportant words in your more precious keyphrase decrease down your search value make your keywords far away from each other.The strategies is to avoid using filler words in between keyword phrases, such as “and”, “the”, “your”, etc. These get in the way of the true phrase you are optimising for.  For example 

"How Keyword Proximity Affects Search Engine Rankings 
"How Keyword Proximity Affects Rankings In Search Engine" 

From the conclusion of above example, the word "in" actually a filler word that causingly separete your important keywords, 
 if someone searched for "keyword proximity or search engine rankings" a web page containing the first sentence will more likely to rank higher than the second. The reason is because the keywords are placed closer together. 

  Obviously in terms of search ranking, exact matches score the best but only for "how much search queries match or relevant to a page or site content not for exactly matching for your page domain because a recent blog tells us about"Google's Upcoming Algo will Reduce Low Quality Exact Match Domains in SERPs "Minor Weather Report"
.Let's assume that, say someone does a search on “auto spare parts price list ”. Google will assign a higher score if your page contains “ auto spare parts price list ” than if it contains "auto spare parts and price list”. For the latter, all words are contained on the page, so the page would receive some score, but since this is an inexact match (there are words in between “auto spare parts” and “price list”), the page score would be lower than for the exact match of  auto spare parts price list .


  1. gregory peter  

    30 September 2012 at 21:49

    Its a very nice information shared but i have a doubt about what you said about exact keyword placing on webpage increasing the score of the site to rank, but according to recent update and algorithms like penguin and panda they detain those site who are stuffing keywords in their webpages , so how we can deal with those things?

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