Proactively SiteLinks Policy Ad Unique Sitelinks for Landing Pages

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If you are regular user of Google AdWord then strictly keep it in your mind that Google always prohibited for copwrite contents or use duplicate landing pages for AdWord Sitelinks extension.As Google says about their Sitlinks Policy as...
Sitelinks extensions allow you to include additional links in your standard text ad. The rules that apply to text ads generally apply to sitelinks extensions too. To ensure your extensions are accurate and appropriate, we also have additional requirements when using sitelinks extensions, as shown below.
 Google recently tells in a AdWord blog post that it is particularly aggressive about to ensuring the compliance for  using unique sitelinks for landing pages.Previously noticed by Google that some advertiser include two or more sitelinks pointed to a single Landing Page or some like pages consisting same contents.

Now Google recomendedly give a suggestion for new sitlinks or changed previously inserted sitelinks using for Landing Page Ad campaigns, keep them comply with sitelinks policy.It is all about to ensure for Google AdWords Sitelinks Policies and for with in next few months Google will came back to check through all sitelinks for currently running ad campaigns.
   So here the company's strong suggestion to all ad campaign holders and advertisers to go back in their Adword account to sort out all sitelinks using for duplicate content in case of ensuring their sitelinks comply with Adword sitelinks Policy.

Last week google announces for Globally Rolling out Enhanced SiteLinks Enhance your Google Adwords Ad Campaigns with Sitelinks that you can enhance your ad campaigns with  6 to 10 site links.


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