Google Map Apps Google Denies no more Map Apps for iPhone 5

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Google has revealed out that no more Google Map Apps would bringing to IApples's new iOS.Finlay Google's chairman person Eric Schmidt said that Google decide not to prvide Google Maps Apps for iPhone 5 after replacing application for Apple Inc in favor of it own home-grown.

As last week Apple was announced to launched it's Maps Apps for it's iOS operating system for iphone 5.But according to public views that mostly iPhone users claimed for apple's new mapping service, based on Dutch navigation conatins some geographical errors like inaccurate locations and directions.

But here the bad news for iPhone and iPad users is they will have to left a struggle Apple's new mapping service as Google said that they did not to go back to bring Google map apps for iOS.Google draws some view about its own Google Maps equipped Android operating system that it good in case dropping away the Apple users from the use iApple products for more equipement of Android.

Schmidt said that 


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